Would you like to VOLUNTEER?

There are lot's of different area’s in which we could use your help: in the two weeks during build up and during the festival itself.

> Hands-on learning

As a volunteer you not only have the chance to build and participate in this amazing project, but also to learn about Off-Grid, self-sustainability and innovative ways of building while volunteering! For example: How do you build compost toilets, or how to lay out solar energy grids. There are a lot of different area’s.

In the two weeks during build up, and during the festival itself, we could use your help. Like:

  • Managing the campsite
  • build & Carry team
  • Tickets & Entree
  • Coin management
  • barshifts
  • helping out in the kitchen
  • cleaning & clearing
  • Traffic & parking management
  • security
  • backstage
  • technical support
  • Fire Care
  • First Aid
  • flexible work.

> Time to enjoy the festival

In between shifts you can have lunch whenever you feel like it. What we ask of you: As a volunteer you are available for a minimum of 3 days during the festival. Besides that, we can also use a lot of help in the 2 weeks before, during build-up. We are are also looking for help at the clean-up afterparty.

Every area is being managed by a very enthousiastic coordinator which will help you with everything you need during volunteering. We will, of course, take very good care of you! You will get free entrance to the entire festival including campsite, and two delicious organic meals a day.

All volunteers work 2 shifts of 3 hours a day, for a minimum of 3 days. In this way you will also have enough time to enjoy the festival. Would you like to volunteer for The Living Village Festival? We would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at vrijwilligers@thelivingvillagefestival.org so we can send you the volunteer forms!

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