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Wildpark Nederland – The Living Village

The Living Village Festival promo 2016

The Living Village Festival – To be continued

The organizers from The Living Village Festival, Bob Radstake , Cathelijn Radstake-Blankevoort and Babette Aleida tell the whole story of The Living Village Festival which was supposed to take place on 16-17-18 September in Wierden, The Netherlands. Two days before the build-up the festival was cancelled because the municipality refused to authorize the permits.

Incrowd party living village festival


In crowd party living village festival at the roggebotstaete in dronten, Flevoland the Netherlands

An interview with Bob Radstake


When Bob Radstake returned from a trip to Australia he realized how much he missed seeing nature within urban areas. As he states, "I was walking along the street when the idea just fell into my head to utilize plants and trees to create structures on which to sit, to fence in your yard or even to grow your own home and more."

Enthralled and excited upon seeing an image on Facebook of a fence that Radstake had planted I decided to contact him. This interview is the result.

RTL4 – Het beste voor je kind


Cathelijne en Bob wonen in een bos in de buurt van Zwolle, zonder verwarming of stromend water. Samen met hun 3-jarige dochter Lelie wonen zij in een zelfvoorzienende leefgemeenschap. Lelie is vrij om te doen wat ze wil, krijgt een antiautoritaire opvoeding.

The dream of Bob Radstake


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