Hello Villager, welcome Home

At The Living Village Festival we have our own unique way of creating things

Over the past year we’ve been growing like a living organism, facing many changes and eventually becoming rooted! Situated by the riverside, with forests where you can find ancient celtic traces, lies our 18ha of abundant nature and new festivalterrain!! It sounds strange but still it’s true: this will be the very First Edition of the Living Village Festival!!

So here’s some cool stuff we think you should know:

  • —NEIGHBOURHOODS— There are 13 neighbourhoods, each with their own vibes and tribes, created by all different sorts of creative and pioneering collectives and people: We Cocreate the entire festival! Our musical neighbourhoods will bring you many artists and our festival’s line-up is truly experimental: we host almost every musicstyle you can think of!
  • —MATERIAL FLOW— We Recycle! All trash is sorted and collected on-spot and taken to our Material Flow Area, which is an open neighbourhood, where trash is immediately processed: it will be used in creative projects and workshops on site! The entire festival has compost toilets, bars have only deposit glasses, and here’s another thing: We ask all of you to bring your own plates, cups and cutlery. We don’t offer plastic wasteplates at our foodtrucks. There are washing streets at all catering spots where you can wash your stuff and leave it in a cupboard. This means your cups n plates will circulate in the Village! (Don’t worry, we have extra in case you forget )
  • —ORGANIC— All Food and Drinks are Organic, including beers!
  • —FUTURE LAB— Inventors and pioneers unite! Our Future Lab is a very special place where you can find all sorts of new inventions and weird projects going on.
  • —BUILDING PROJECTS— Yes, let’s build! We love to create beautiful things and we invite you to join us. During the festival there’s different building projects you can participate in, including several Living Structures!! The stuff we build will stay permanently on our terrain, and all Living Structures will grow over the years!
  • —OFF GRID— We’ve got a large amount of solarpanels and part of the festival will run on solar energy: we aspire to take the entire festival Off-Grid as soon as possible
  • —STEPPINGSTONE— The Living Village Festival is a steppingstone towards the realization of the first Living Village in the World: A village where houses are built from Living Trees! Within a few years the festival will have enough funds to buy land and build the town of our dreams:

Together we will Celebrate the Living Village into Existence!!