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If you have a question about performing at the festival>> All line-ups are full!

For all other questions, please don't hesitate to send us a message through this form or to :

NOTE: Check out our INFO page first before contacting us!

> Become A Volunteer

We are looking for Volunteers!

As a volunteer you not only have the chance to build and participate in this amazing project, but also to learn about Off-Grid, self-sustainability and innovative ways of building while volunteering! For example: How to build compost toilets, or lay out solar energy grids.

Want more info on Volunteering? Check out our volunteers page here Volunteer!

How to get there >>

The address is: Brinkweg 36 B, 7722 VA in Dalfsen.

We ask everybody to please come by public transport and share rides as much as possible. Dalfsen is easily reachable by Train.

The trainstation is about a 20 minutes walk from the FestivalGrounds, we will take care of a small transportation option.

Driving with a car or van? Just follow the signs once in Dalfsen and you will find your way.