At the Festival you can enjoy the most delicious organic food & drinks: from freshly grinded coffee to pure fruit juices, healthy vegan meals to exotic dishes from all over the world.
There is plenty of choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even all the beers and wine are organic!

But don’t you agree that it is much better to eat this beautiful food from real plates, instead of plastic disposables?
That’s why we invite you all to BRING YOUR OWN PLATES, CUPS & CUTLERY: this way we will reduce our waste significantly!

Don’t worry; you don’t have to carry your stuff around if you don’t feel like it, and we have extra sets in case you forget. You can store your tableware in cupboards, and place your favorite mug in the Cute Coffee Cup Corner!
You can find both at our cozy washing streets located at the Food Court, CampingGrounds and other catering spots.

Feeling hungry or thirsty? Get a plate or cup at a washing street and return it afterwards. Your stuff will circulate in the Village and will be part of a colourful collection of tableware. Do you prefer to cook your own food? Then you can use our small community kitchen on the CampingGrounds!

Will you bring the cutest mug to the cute coffee cup corner?

Bringing your own plates & cups is a vital part of our material flow and waste management strategy!