Festival program 2017

Yes, here it is! The entire Program of The Living Village Festival 2017!!! Below you can find everything about our neighbourhoods and their programming.

Each neighbourhood has its own Vibes & Tribes: we Co-Create the entire festival!

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Living Village Neighbourhoods:

DownTown Electronic

Progressive PsyTrance, Full-on, Ambient, Psychill, Techno, Minimal, Electro, Tribal Tekno.

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Boomstack Backyard

Jamaican Roots, UK Dub, Reggae Vibes & lots of B.a.s.s.

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Monkey Town

Live Bands / Monkey Jam / Reggae / jazz / folk / blues / pop / rock / klezmer / multiple skilled collectives

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Acoustic Village Square

Irish & Keltic Folk, Pop, Rock, Native American, Nyabinghi, Blues, Mantra, Joropo, Salsa, Singer / songwriters, Troubadours, Young talent and Jamsessions

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Magical Forest

Those who wander through forests may find many magical things....
PsyChill, Ambient, Downtempo, Chill-out

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Temple Grounds

Workshops, Ceremonies, Meditations, Rituals, Soundhealings, Individual sessions & Sweat lodges

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Off-Grid & Atelier

Off the Grid lectures and practical 'hands on' workshops

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Building & Living Tree Architecture

Yes, let's build! We love to create beautiful things and we invite you to join us.

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Future Lab

The Future depends entirely on the decisions we make in this moment,
You and me, right Now!

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Theater & Performance

A Living Village can't do without an amazing and vital Theater Program!

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ADM Theatrical Tour

ADM Theatrical Tour brings it's own surprise neighbourhood to the Festival

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Material Flow

Let’s talk about Trash, baby! Recycle & Respect Your Planet

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Kids PlayGround

Kids up to 12 yrs have Free Entrance to The Festival!

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Market & Catering

All Food & Drinks are ORGANIC & our Market is filled with ecofriendly products!

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Camping Grounds

Our Camping Grounds are huge!!

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