Monkey Town

Welcome to the funkiest part of the jungle, where all things go banana's! Monkey Town is The Living Village Festival's creative jungle, a neighbourhood packed with jam sessions, funk, jazz, gypsy, balkan, ska and a daily MonkeyJam! Watch, listen, eat, play, climb trees and come vibe like monkeys do!

This neighbourhood is hosted by: Colored Monkeys

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Jazz/Funk/ Future

Come along on the journey called AUFGLAUFT! Travel through a variety of sounds & styles in this energetic and convincing show! With a funky saxophonist, fluid drums, groovy baslines & a solo guitar player there’s so much happening, you don’t even want a singer up front! Step into this mixed style arena!

Bek Vol Zand

Country, Bluegrass, Americana

Swingin' string band from the Dutch bayou. Dry, sandy mouth, cureable with beer. Get ready for some serious country blue grass vibe!




Heavy Faces

Future Fusion Soul/jazz/rock

I’m With Stupid

Reggae/ Rock/ Ska

I'm With Stupid brings you that rock reggae you can dance to like a maniac. From reggae to dub to funk to punk rock, we mix it all up to bring you a fine cocktail of tasty tunes!
I'm with Stupid just released their new EP: Everybody is strange!!!



Kruidkoek; Sometimes nice, often loud, but never boring! Fuor youth friends exploring the boundairies of their musical ambition. With a whole lot of jazz and energy! Better keep it Kruidkoek!

Lemon Lights

pop, world, reggae, rock, balkan, latin, folk, alternative, swing

LEMON LIGHTS tastes like juicy beats and bitter-sweet tales - with fresh ingredients from the multi-cultural kitchens of everyday life: A cocktail of world music and honest songs. Since 2012 the five musicians affect both brain and bottoms - unfettered between streets and stages. The sound of their EP "Between Seasons" (summer 2014) wanders between HipHop, Latin, Swing and other influences - and shows just the colorful style that makes up the band's character.


Dreampop/ ambient

Lune burries Mountains. With an ocean of reverb, hypnotic delays and deep electronic beats they will cut right through flesh and bones. Its not about what you hear, it's about what you feel! Close your eyes and discover the universe and his LUNE!



This jamsession starts up your day! Everyday we start Monkeytown with one big jam with artist and villagers of the festival. Only one rule: Let's improvise. Come jam like monkeys do!


Hip Hop / Funk / Jazz

It all started with 5 monkeys & 5 studio days. They recorded this no limit funk it up E.P. called Jungle Magic. Expect crazy brass, funky Hip Hop and a whole lot a energy & banana's!

Mr. Goose & The Swinehouse

Avant-Garde Pop

Mr Goose & The Swinehouse rolls over in piles of everything beautiful to confusing yet recognizable musical matter, defying boundries of pop-culture & expectation.



NNENN is the collaboration between singer-songwriter Johanneke ter Stege and producer and sound designer Tonny Nobel. After a spontaneous studio session, they were not only overwhelmed by the music they had made, but also by each other. From that moment, things started to heat up between the two of them and that journey continues to shape the music. Johanneke's influence is apparent in Tonny’s more organic sounding beats, whereas his abstract approach has lead to a reinvention of her voice and piano. The resulting surrender is complete and includes the risk of being hit in one's deepest core. The potential friction enables NNENN to ascend in a climax of harmonies at one moment, and to scrape and to stand almost violently against each other at others. The outcome creates a sound in a similar camp as FKA Twigs, Portishead and Imogen Heap.


Balkan! Gipsy! Party! Dance!

Get ready for an eastern front of sounds! With a extreme dosis of Balkan, Gypsy & party they fill up every stage with the urge to vibe! Leave the trouble of the head and get ready to sweat!

Red Beard Funk Circus

Funk/ Rock/ Punk

What makes Red Beard Funk Circus unique is that it is truly a band of brothers from very different backgrounds. Frontman Joe Venegas and drummer Noah Ralph are both Americans now living in Zwolle. Isaac McCluskey is a “Kiwi” transplant from New Zealand who both sings lead vocals and plays trombone. Gerjan Nijman and Niels Verwegen are both natives of Zwolle who play bass and keyboard, while Rick Slagers is a student teacher from Enter who is well known as a harmonica player from the TV program “Holland’s Got Talent”. Six seemingly random people. ONE crazy band.



Literally trikosis means bodily disorders, loss of the control of the body and face muscles, By "trikosis" effect, it is meant an irresistible inclination to dance, that is extremely contagious between musicians and audience.

Trikosis is the name chosen by this international street gipsy klezmer anarko folk band created in a squatted farm in the South East of Holland, between heavy rain, 'klompjes'' (Dutch farmers wooden shoes),vegetables and chickens everywhere.

Affected by "trikosis effect'' as soon as they arrived, these "poor" guys had the strength to go on developing their own way of playing music together, with incomparable energy and weird original sounds on their accordions, guitar, violin, darbuka,trompet, clarinet, washboards and bass guitar. Watch, listen, enjoy their music but......don't forget to take precautions


Psychedelic Jazz Rave

Silence - Noise - Lightness - Force
Inspired by bands like Cinematic Orchestra, Björk and Radiohead, YENGA blends trippy beats with psychedelic elements, musing melodies and dynamic guitar- and bass riffs. Stirring short-stories about little things with big consequences.
„We don’t want people to dance, we want them to trance“

Young Tree


“Young Tree” is an 8 member Reggae band, with 2 leading ladies and a stewing brass-section.The inspiration to their program (which consists of self- written songs and covers) comes mainly from Groundation, while throwing in elements from Raging Fyah, Cat Empire and Hollie Cook. They believe in a strong dynamic in their band and want to make sure that this feeling reaches the audience. Thanks to their different, but harmonising singers, they enjoy great variety.