Magical Forest

Welcome to the festival's Chill-Out!!

This neighbourhod hosts some really nice chill-out artists. Here you can find a smartbar, a huge forest to wander through, and a beautiful place to chill by the waterside!

This neighbourhood is hosted by: Smartshop Next Level

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

DJ Sauerkraut

deep and techy mantrahouse

Sauerkraut plays slow deep and techy mantrahouse. His sound can be described as a journey through unearthly and grim, buzzy landscapes. Storytelling, steady beat, hypnotizing, energetic.

Invisible Ralf

IDM, Ambient, Psybient

"Disappearing into day dreaming modes. Thats what's Ambient/Psybient composer Invisible Ralf is all about. By offering a dynamic journey that amplifies psychedelic states of mind. Ralf did multiple art studies where he focused on Sound design, Composition and Sound art installations. Resulting into a vibrant composer with passion for Psychedelic fantasy."

Lady Lucid

Deephouse & Minimal Techno

Dj Lady Lucid wil be our closing dj act and will bring back the energyflow to all gathered at the chill out stage and Magical Forest. This dj is used to pump up the volume and will do this with lower bpm, but with the same energy as she is known for. Enjoy this electronic journey with Lady Lucid!

Pieter Legel

baile funk to groovy techno

"Meet Pieter Legel, the Amsterdam based dj with a keen intuition for finding the most unique tracks without losing himself in obscurity.
Pieter has always been a raver with his heart and soul, a child trapped in a grown-up body. His path to DJ-ing was rather unorthodox, from visiting raves to being an ecological activist organizing parties in his homeland and finally, more or less at the insistence of friends, getting into playing his favorite music to crowds all over Holland.
He's currently scouted for one of the prominent Dutch booking-agencies HJCKD.AM and only words of praise are heard about his eclectic sets ranging from anything between baile funk to groovy techno.
A Track a Day: 'Imagine our surprise when we received some work by this guy, superb sets with lots of influences, and literally not a single artist or title we recognized We met Pieter at the SEKOIA closing party last year, where-after he send us some material which left us baffled.'
Pieter is regularly seen in and around Amsterdam, for instance at the BAUHAUS raves and other initiatives, where he displays his versatile taste in anything that has rhythm, feeling and soul. Pieter also performs his talent on a regular basis with his show on Red Light Radio broadcasting from the famous Amsterdam red light district.
Pieter Legel gives you a fantastic compilation of a vast array of styles, all mixed into smooth supersonic shows."

Resi Beatz

Resi(st) !- Love, Peace, Respect, - We are One... Namaste!

Producer, DJ, Musician

Rogier Sebastian

Psy-Dub & Ketapop

Rogier Sebastian is a music producer from Holland and one of the founders of the open platform DJ-Friday. He presents range of sounds to the public from Psy-Dub to Ketapop also known as Bummeltechno or Valium House. Besides his solo performance of house and deep tech music under the name Lesley Moore, he is part of the melodic techno trio “Spoof”. In addition, Rogier is also involved in the duo “Dub Salute” with the production of Dub/Reggae and chill out music. The Dutch DJ has performed on various music festivals and events such as Psy-Fi, Burning Man “Where The Sheep Sleep”, Paradigm Festival as well as Galactic Psycle 2017.

Shuffle’s Truffle

groovy techno

"Shuffle’s Truffle is the DJ alias of Maarten Meijs.
His vision is that people should relax more and stress less.
Music is one of the most effective ways to get people at ease.
When he’s not spinning he is busy orchestrating an environment, like the art -and music platform Still Sunday, where people can find some peace.

Dancing, especially with your eyes closed, is what he considers as a relaxing activity.
He tries to give you that warm and harmonious feeling in your stomach.
“The music has to induce this feeling, that’s the most important task.” he says.
Shuffle’s Truffle guides you from mindful tranquility to mindless dancing. "

Thommie G

deep, melodic, slow house and tribal

"Thommie G (Thomas Gaarthuis) was caught by the enchantment of music since the very beginning. Working as a graphic designer for 16 years, it felt natural to step into the world of sound design. Having a big affinity with tribal music, he combines organic sounds and rhythms to his productions, carrying the listener to places beyond their audio system. His sets start out nice and slow, and rise to intense levels, capturing the audience on a trip through carefully selected sounds and productions.

Although not stuck to a specific genre, his style touches elements of deep, melodic, slow house and tribal. He produces different sounds for different occasions, mostly by himself, sometimes joining forces with other musicians, delivering remixes for artists around the globe.
And with success: his first solo EP titled Athinouk, was released on Brazilian label Tropical Twista Records in May 2016. More releases appeared on Amsterdam based Phat Elephant Recordings and brand new label Whirling Wolf.

His music is played by a number of DJ's, such as Mira, Eelke Kleijn, Oceanvs Orientalis, the notorious Voodoohop collective from Brazil, Urban Cosmonaut Radio collective and more.

Underground Tacticz

edm,trap, detroittechno,drumandbass

"With a small quarter of a century of experience and an enormous collection of music Underground Tacticz of all trades. On festivals he keeps the dance floor filled the newest music in his radio show and spokenword /poetry duo meandertaler so sit back and relax and enjoy the sounds of Underground Tacticz special chill out set"

Zaftra Morgen


"Zaftra was born in the mid-sixties and is inspired by the music of that era, which includes Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. She lives in Nijmegen and is becoming a household name in the Dutch ambient and psybient scene. The use of psilocybin mushrooms was what caused Zaftra to become familiar with these genres. They grabbed her and have not let her go, partly because she feels healed by the music.

Zaftra started her own Youtube channel in early 2016, where she shares the best ambient and psybient music with her loyal listeners. They hold her musical choices in high regard.
Her You Tube sets are focused on pure followers to chill music and who wants a set that breathes and fits, where the selection and sequence of the tracks are more determined by ""flow"" and ""vibe"" than bpm's.

It was only a matter of time before she had to share her love of hypnotic music with an even larger group of like-minded individuals. This led to her first live sets, which range from two to four hours. Zaftra creates musical tension with her music. Her sets alternately build up, climax, and wind down again.

What makes Zaftra’s live sets special is that she bases her set completely on her audience. She does not have set lists. She customizes and improvises based on the type of venue and the kind of people in the audience. This is quite impressive of this rising, one-legged woman in her fifties, who operates completely independently."