DownTown Electronic

Welcome to our Electronic DanceFloor! Hosted by SFK, all village freaks are invited for some serious dancing over here!! This stage is packed with lots of nice dj's and a wide variety of electronic musicstyles! Progressive PsyTrance, Full-on, Ambient psy, Psychill, Techno, Minimal, Tekno, Electro, Tribal, some very interesting live sets and many more, this line-up is very experimental.

This Neighbourhood is hosted by: SFK Soundsystem

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Interested in many cultures, styles and adventures in music, my mixes are never the same and tend to follow a wave sequence - intense, heartful beats and relaxed, downtempo tunes on the side. Topped off with some special effects and love for percussion sequences I hope I can clear the air and refresh your mind & body.. and uplift your spirit!

Bertje Pruts




Met synthesizers begonnen in 1982, als eerste op de Korg ms20. Vele apparaten zijn gevolgd en eigen muziekjes zijn gemaakt en enkele daarvan zijn uitgebracht onder wat labels en wat in eigen beheer. De stijlen varieren van melodieuze drum & bass (Dream & bass), lounge jump up tot aan niet nader te omschrijven vage klanken.

Eigen biografie van "Bliepertronic" op partyflock:
"Het dusdanig rangschikken en bewerken van geluidsgolven, zodat het predikaat "muziek" er aan gegeven kan worden!
Vervolgens deze geluidsgolven publiekelijk ten gehore brengen in uitgaansgelegenheden waar dj's of live acts in het bijzonder veel kabaal lopen te produceren zodat er een ruimte gecreëerd is (de chill out) waar ik lekker een beetje atmosfeer kan gaan schoppen zodat de mensen weer even tot "rust" kunnen komen"




Progressive/Deephouse/Tribal beats

Dj Z likes to groove around from progressive to worldmusic tribal,deep,latin house. Dj Z started his career in China in 1991 and is a resident DJ of the psychedelic community the balloon company from Ruigoord. He also organizes his own Psytrance parties: Full Circle


Psytrance / Dub

Gespierd gezicht


Gwandoya Crew

Afro, funk, reggae, dub, soul, jazz, tropical, latin, disco, hip-hop

DJ collective that plays positive vibrations with Fun(k)!


Liveset > TeKno

Invisible Ralf


When Ralf was 10 years old he started to play the guitar. He did so till his 16th, thats when he came in contact with electronic music. Since then the computer was his instrument of choice. Over the years Ralf studied various underground genres of electronic music. In his teens, he made genres like Gabber, Terror and Tekno and started performing with his own tracks. As he grew older he followed 2 musical studies (see below) and he found some new interests. He started making Triphop, Psybient, Ambient and Techno. During his studies he also focussed on applied composition for theater and video and art installations. At the end of his studies Ralf has developed a fascination for psychedelic music, art and festivals and he hopes to contribute to the scene by making Chillout / Psybient music.


Dub / Experimental





Progressive Psy


Progressive Psy


Progressive Psy

I am a dutch psytrance dj based in amsterdam and a dj of kosmic fusion rec . i start playing at the decks sinds 2012 i like to play different cind of styles from funky progressive to some good night psychedelic beats .


Progressive Psy

“Sehtroc is the psy-progressive side of Corthes, the finest DJ rooted in the South of Spain. Prepare yourself for the launch, because he will smash the dancefloor by means of his bombing beats and hypnotic melodies. Feel the power and the surrounding atmosphere of his psychedelic and sophisticated tunes. The most advanced and grooving psy-trance is going to trap you through an unforgettable trip!”

Sinusoïde Contour