ADM Theatrical Tour

ADM Theatrical Tour brings it's own surprise neighbourhood to the Festival!

Expect bizarre atmospheres, Off-Grid experiments, amazing art, wine & dine while listening to strange tunes>>> And if you're brave enough, come search for the very hard to find Clit-Club!

The rest of this neighbourhood is only to be discovered by those who wander in the Now..

About ADM:

The ADM is now for over 18 years a community of people who are closely linked to each other by the space, visions and creations they share. The cultural free-haven ADM is one of the last large live/work communities of Amsterdam. On the terrain reside now some 130 people from all ages, nationalities and walks of life. Experiment, exchange and spontaneity have ensured that the ADM has acquired a place in Amsterdam and the ADM is, as many other (historic squat) communities, a fertile germination place for the local and (inter)national cultural climate.

What we're building together, but especially, what we ARE together, often forms a source of inspiration for others.

This neighbourhood is hosted by ADM Amsterdam