About The Living Village

Welcome to a reality where people live together in harmony, abundance and love,
and where nature and community are the foundations for a healthy and stable future!

> Vision

Our vision is a future based on caring for our planet, caring for all people, and sharing honestly. We dream of a world where humanity and nature are connected again and where we co-operate with Life and the Earth. We want to make the planet green again, and create a sustainable and loving, happy society.

> Living Tree Architecture

Did you know it is possible to create Living houses by shaping trees? With Living Tree Architecture it is possible to combine the power of nature with innovative technologies and build alive structures through weaving and pleaching willow.

Using Living Tree Architecture, we can empower people to design a natural, edible and self-sufficient scenery that will lead to the creation of a new society. We feel Living Tree Architecture has the potential to solve many problems the world is facing.

> Growing a village

We want to build a village where houses are living organisms and are built by using Living Tree architecture. This Township will reforest the land, provide food for its inhabitants and get bigger and stronger over time. Instead of preventing your house from degrading, in this town we nurse our homes to keep them growing!

> The Living Village Festival: the next step

The Living Village Festival is our next step towards realization of this merge between man and tree. For us it is a way to celebrate the Living Village into reality. Let's bring people together , share our knowledge and wisdom, build community and bring Joy and Beauty back into the World!

> Non-Profit

The aim of the Festival is to save it's profits, so that within a few years, we are able to buy land and build the village of our dreams.

> An exiting Future

The Living Village is based on a vision where we can easily look 100 years into the future. We want to build something sustainable and longlasting and leave something behind for the next generations to come.

> Join Our Experiment

What will happen to people living inside trees that provide their shelter and food? Now that is worth finding out!

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