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Bring your own plates, cups and cutlery!

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Indonesian food

The Boemboe Bus will be stir frying, baking and roasting at the Living Village Festival.
Tasteful dishes from Indonesia are prepared right in front of you. Choose your own ingredients for your noodles or nasi goreng. Or get yourself a chicken saté, pisang goreng or a spring roll with homemade fresh sauce.

Veggie springrolls - chicken or beef saté - bakwa - fried rice, noodles & banana


Insects as food

Insects as food... It's Bugalicious!
Get yourself some cricket chips, roasted grasshoppers or a sea-weed veggie burger!


Chips & Apples

Buitenbintje is born out of love for chips. At Buitenbintje you have the opportunity to take a look into our mobile kitchen and see how we turn a potato into delicious chips!
Because we of Buitenbintje love to work with the finest ingredients, our chips is made from the patato 'Bintje', coming from organic farming. The chips are fried in rice oil, so you can enjoy the real potato taste.
Buitenbintje makes you some healthy, organic chips and serves it with passion and unrefined Himalayan salt.
Besides the chips Buitenbintje also offers you organic apples to replenish your vitamins, to eat right now, or to save it for later.

Cool Runningsz

Crushed ice with natural and organic juices, completed with fresh fruit

Skanking on thin ice

A mobile cruched ice cart will be found at the Boomstack Backyard and will also travel around the festival from time to time. Cool Runningz!

What is it?... A cup of crushed ice with natural and organic juices, completed with fresh fruit. Biodegradable cups are available, the only thing you have to do is dispose them properly ;)

de Koffieventerij

Hot drinks and organic thick juices

De koffieventerij serves good organic coffee, tea and thick juices from an antique delivery bicycle. Imagine yourself back in time, with the sounds of days gone by....

Coffee - Espresso - Cappuccino - Latté - Tea - Thick Juices

de Vrolijke Fruitbar

Fruits, juices, smoothies and soup

De Vrolijke Fruitbar was 6 years ago most probably the first organic fruitbar in the Netherlands.
Everything we build is from recycled material, a pleasure to look at!

Nice people, nice colours, fresh fruits and smoothies and.... soup!

Fruit Shakes - Fresh Fruits & Juices - Yoghurt, Muesli & Fresh Fruit - Fruit Salades - Fruit with Chocolate Dip

Doerga Cultifood

Delicious organic breakfast, lunch, snacks and meals

Doerga Cultifood travels troughout the country from festival to festival with our beautiful caravan, painted by Michel Velt, to indulge you with good food and a cozy atmosphere. All our meals are prepared with fresh, organic and local products. Especially on multi-day festivals we are a small restaurant on wheels. We serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and delicious meals.

Crêpes & Wraps with Chilli sin Carne - Curry's - Organic Burgers - Breakfast: Sandwich with Fried Eggs

Indialicious Streetfood

Delicious Indian streetfood and ayurvedic meals

Indialicious veggy and vegan streetfood are authentic, highest quality & mouthwatering.
Our aromas will awake your senses!
All fresh, organic and ayurvedic!

Thali (vegan and vegetarian) - Indian Streedfood - Samosa's - Lassie



Madame Jeannette’s pedal powered potions

Fruit smoothies

Delicious bicycle powererd fruit smoothies! Enjoy different flavors with kombucha, soymilk or homemade almond milk


The best pita bread and more!

Feeling hungry? At the Pitabar you can get yourself a nice pita, pasta, burrito and more!

Pita Bread - Burrito's - Pasta - Cocktails


Vegetarian Burgers

Vegetarian Burgers

Sacred Circle Chai Shop

Chai, coffee, tea and homemade pastries

At the Temple Grouds, you will find a small, sacred place where you can settle down for a chai, coffee or tea with a piece of homemade pastry.
In the afternoon we will serve fried-bread, and in the evening you are welcome to enjoy fresh soup and bread.

Chai - Coffee - Tea - Homemade Pastries - Fried-Bread - Soup & Bread

Salads & Chips

Salads & Chips

Tasty pasta salads & chips! Enjoy your meal at Downtown Electronic!

Tante Ans

The best pancakes

For the best pancakes, you go to Tante Ans!

the Stimulation Station

Good coffee, good food, all vegan!

Non-profit organic coffee and vegan food stand, based on passion and love for the product, our planet and everything that lives on it. You can watch us roasting the coffee beans, grinding it, making it and of course taste it! Enjoy your coffee with a vegan snack!

Fresh coffee - tea - chai - homemade cakes - grilled sandwiches

Transformer Company Mixed Media Productions

Healthy vegetarian & vegan dishes

Vegetables with Tofu or Tempeh with rice, mie or kerry-potatoes and salad - Vegetarian Lasagna - Chef Special - Sandwich with egg & vegetables or Tempeh with peanut sauce and pickles - quiche/tortilla with all'aglio - deserts (gluten-free vegan brownies, carrot cake).


Soulfood... organic and vegan breakfast, lunch and hot meals

"Soulfood, heavenly dishes from all directions".

At Tribelbite we serve you delicious organic and vegan dishes: oatmeal porridge 'deluxe' in the morning, salades, quiches and sandwitches for lunch, hot meals in the evening...

Zet & Setting

Hot drinks and sweet snacks

"Zet, de m [-ten] het zetten: De koffie, het eindproduct, het brouwsel, het warme drankje in je kop.
Setting, de/the : De omgeving, de sfeer".

""Setting" is the physical and social environment... a relaxed, curious person in a warm, comfortable and safe place is more likely to have a pleasant experience."

The best compliment for us: if someone orders a cup of coffee and walks away with it, takes a zip after a few steps and then turns around to give us a little nod.

If you enjoy what you do, then you pass it on to your guests, no doubt! Love is tangible, and you can taste this, that's for sure!